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The soul of the landscape in the picture

Many photographers and photo artists have discovered Tuscany and the Val d‘Orcia as an infinite space of inspiration for their photographs.

Among them, for example, the renowned Munich photographer Hans Madaj, who traveled in Italy in 2006/2007 in Goethe‘s footsteps. As he wrote on his website, he was driven by „an indefinite longing for the south and the desire to photograph Goethe‘s motifs, which the poet had also recorded in many sketches and diary entries during his „Italian Journey“ that lasted almost two years. How would Goethe have photographed today?“

Austrian photographer Arnold Schaffer, who is passionate about spectacular landscapes and natural spaces, wants his images to not only „ the diversity and beauty of our nature, but also to forcefully point out the protection and preservation of habitats.“ And so a series of breathtakingly beautiful impressions has been created, documenting the full majesty of the landscape.

Poetically beautiful photographs of an ideal landscape: light and shadow are the essence, are direction and staging. The landscape itself is and becomes a masterpiece with even shapes, flowering fields, cypress avenues running graphically. Sometimes captivatingly clear and pure, sometimes with infinite depth, captured by the light of the day and seasons.

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