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Princely Villa in Florence

Tuscany is one of those landscapes that has always been perceived as ideal and that has inspired endless minds.

Here, near the dream city of Florence, which is not only the centre of exquisite art, architecture and fashion, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, lies a Tuscan estate nestled on gentle hills that is princely in the truest sense of the word.

The luxurious villa in the middle of an 18,000-square-metre estate is designed in such a way that not only a family can reside there very generously. Rather, it offers the possibility of opening up and hosting exclusive celebrations.

So if you like to be a host and hostess and invite interesting people to your home, then this extraordinary country estate offers you every opportunity to realise your ideas. Or you can develop a lucrative business idea out of it, because even around Florence, unusual locations are always a draw and are sought after accordingly. The magnificent pool alone, the tasteful grounds, the multifaceted inner courtyard offer space for unforgettable moments. This is true by day and by night, because when warm light bathes the buildings and gardens in an atmospheric ambience, no one can escape this splendour and beauty.

We at DIANIUM Residence, Leading Real Estate Company of the World, will be happy to help you find your dream property in a prime location.

Live in Style & Passion!


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