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Nice - the Museum Marc Chagall

What makes luxury real estate stand out? In addition to their exceptional architecture and exquisite furnishings, it is especially their location in a true place of longing that determines the value of Real Estates. Breathtaking nature, coupled with a great cultural richness in a sophisticated setting: Dianium Residence are ahead of the game when it comes to premium real estate.

In Nice, a rich cultural life attracts art lovers. Among the many highlights is the Marc Chagall Museum. The focus is on the works of the French-Russian painter Chagall, born in 1887, whose surrealist masterpieces continue to captivate connoisseurs to this day. As part of a permanent exhibition, the museum offers a permanent home to more than 1,000 works by the prolific genius.

The modern, light-flooded building, nestled in idyllic Mediterranean gardens, provides a perfect setting for the immortal painter's artistic message. At the same time, it offers space for numerous creative events from all areas of art, making it worth a visit at any time. Places like this make the Côte d'Azur worth living in a special way and a real home for culture enthusiasts.

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