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Loulé | Jazz Festival, Algarve Carnival

Loulé celebrates jazz every year with an international jazz festival that attracts both local Portuguese and international musicians. In the historic center of the picturesque town in the Algarve, artists from different corners of Europe present their skills and captivate the Portuguese audience as well as guests. The International Jazz Festival of Loulé takes place every July - and has done so without interruption since 1995.

Carnival in Loulé

In general, Portuguese tradition and culture are held in high esteem in Loulé. The Carnaval de Loulé is the oldest pre-Lenten festival in Portugal and has been celebrated for over 100 years. Thousands of revelers crowd the streets, proudly displaying their imaginative costumes or watching and enjoying the colorful bustle. Every afternoon there are parades with no less colorful and original floats, samba groups, Brazilian dancers and giant costumed figures, providing blood-curdling rhythm, lots of laughter and pure joy.

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