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Licence for...innovation

Innovations are the basis for future success, growth and increasing market opportunities. With our innovative licence partnership model, you can break new ground with us. 


Licence partnerships in themselves are nothing new. However, our unique structure is absolutely innovative: as a licence partner, you provide a potential interested party. You and we look after them together. You gain access to exclusive second home destinations. Our local cooperation partners provide support and guidance. You also remain completely independent and receive, among other things, a Second Home website in your own design. You also benefit from our network and significantly expand your portfolio. The highlight: We at DIANIUM RESIDENCE split the commission between us and you on a 50:50 basis. 


Some new licence partners are already using this new model. Interested in this innovation? We look forward to talking to you. 


Find out more about us here


You belong to the best! 


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