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Licence for "half-and-half"

Updated: Jan 31

Go the whole hog with half and half"! How does that work?

Quite simply: with our licence model. Because we at DIANIUM RESIDENCE split the commission amount between us and you as a licence partner on a 50:50 basis.   

This means that regardless of the size of the licence, you receive half.    

Why do we do this? A fair partnership in the brokerage and acquisition of luxury properties is important to us. What's the catch? Nowhere!   

We realise that the greatest possible success is best achieved together. With mutual trust, all parties involved benefit from the concluded transaction.

That makes you want more.

This is the licence for further cooperation. And that means: generating business for the future. And with DIANIUM RESIDENCE, profit from the "half-and-half" again.    


Go the whole hog with us with Fifty-Fifty.

Quite simply!

We look forward to talking to you. Make an appointment here today.    


You belong to the best!  


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