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Club Funky Buddha on Marbella: exclusive discotheque with celebrity status

Funky Buddha is one of the most popular clubs on Marbella and is located at the Puerto Banús marina not far from the city center. Even the name reveals that the atmosphere here is funky. The interior exudes an eastern spirit. Expect dark, impressive plush sofas and curtains that hide intimate retreats. Just like the sprawling sofas and cool shisha bars, everything feels a bit mystical.

Of particular interest is the luxurious VIP area, where you can retreat to people-watch surrounded by cozy lamps, Buddha figurines and an abundance of cushions - yes, the international jet set also meets at Funky Buddha. The motto here is "see and be seen." Logically, the club's guest list is also impressive.

It is less suitable for quiet conversations. But that doesn't matter, because everyone who comes here wants to dance and show off. If you need to talk, it's best to do so on the spacious terrace before the party really gets going.

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